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Upcoming Events
  • June 24, 2017 – Girls On Target
    N/A, General
  • October 15, 2017 – .22 Steel Plate Shoot
    8:00 am, General
  • November 5, 2017 – Cowboy Shoot
    8:00 am, General
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Hours and Rules

Range Hours:

Sat: 9am – 5pm
Sun: Noon – 5pm

HRSA Range is CLOSED to public shooting  on the first Sunday of  every month for Cowboy Shoots from April to December

High Rock Shooting Association will no longer allow non-member instructors to conduct classes at this range.

HRSA Range will be CLOSED to public Shooting on June 24, 2017 for Girls on Target event.

HRSA Range will be CLOSED to Public Shooting on July 29 and 30, 2017 for the Woman on Target event

From about mid October to mid March we close early due to early sunsets. If the sun sets before 5:30pm we will be closing early:

Sat: 9am – Half an hour before sunset
Sun: Noon – Half an hour before sunset

Range Rules:

  • Eye and ear protection are mandatory.
  • All shooters must have valid US issued Photo ID. Pistol shooters must have a valid Connecticut pistol permit or blue card.
  • Active military with current, active ID, armed guards with current blue card, corrections officers with current carry permit, police officers and other law enforcement officers with valid ID shoot for one hour FREE.
  • If a member’s privileges have been suspended they must sign in as a regular public Shooter and pay the public rate. There will be no exceptions. The Range Officers on duty will be responsible for enforcing this and their decision in any dispute will be final. Any member who does not obey the Range Officer on duty may be brought up on charges by the Range Captain before the membership.
  • The General Public takes priority over the membership in regards to shooting ports on busy days. This is part of our agreement with the state. Any member who wishes to sign in as a member of the General Public may do so and pay the current rate, if they do not wish to share or wait for an open port. Also any port that is being used by a member that is required by the Range Officer for a public shooter must be relinquished at the request of the Range Officer. One port is to be reserved, on busy days, for the use of members in relays.
  • All persons on the range must obey all commands of the Range Officers on duty and must abide by their decisions.
  • If there are any disputes on the range with the public or membership, the Range Officers on duty will make the final decision and all must abide by it or leave the range area.
  • Please bring your own targets and staplers. We’ll provide the target stands, but we expect you to have targets. You can always print some out for free from if you don’t have any.


Maintaining a safe environment at ALL TIMES is our first priority!

  • The Range Safety Officer reserves the right to inspect all firearms and ammunition prior to live firing in an effort to prevent the discharge of unsafe firearms or ammunition. Firearms or ammunition that appear to be defective or otherwise unsafe or inappropriate for the purpose of the range, in the best judgement of the Range Safety Officer, shall not be fired.
    • Firearms brought to the range must be unloaded and holstered or cased, or secured on a transport cart. There is no handling of firearms in the picnic table area.
    • Firearm muzzles must be pointed down range at ALL TIMES.
    • Eye and Ear protection is mandatory for everyone at the range.
    • Use of full automatic or tri-burst type devices is not permitted.
    • Explosive devices, chemical agents, tracer bullets and pyrotechnics of any form are not allowed
    • Rapid firing at a rate of discharge from a firearm that could be deemed uncontrolled, inaccurate or in such a large pattern as to be missing the intended target completely is prohibited – firing from the shoulder is required.
    • Tactical shooting events are explicitly prohibited on the premises.
    • Long guns / shotguns must be fired from the shoulder or the bench. **Shotguns with a pistol grip are not allowed**
  • Shooters may proceed down range through the center aisle only.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be supervised by an accompanying adult at all times.
  • Shotguns are allowed for shot patterning with targets and target holders provided by the shooter only.
  • Shotgun slug firing is allowed on HRSA target frames and bases.
  • Magazines may be reloaded during a cease fire from behind the yellow line.


  • No targets shall be placed over any part of the target frame or in front of frame base.
  • Glass, ceramic, stone, aerial or exploding targets, stuffed animals, photos or representations of real people or personalities are not allowed to be used as targets
  • Metal targets are not allowed at this time.  Target shooting is restricted to paper only.
  • Fixed position, non-suspended/non-reactive metal targets are not allowed at this time.
  • All targets must be placed down range no further than the base of the berm.
  • All target materials brought to the range by shooters must be removed from the H.R.S.A. facility after use.